When We Stop And “Focus” On The Promises Of God,
Our Lives Begin To Change.

God Gives Us New Vision
When We Put Our Trust In Him!

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Our Mission

Our company empowers Christian women to discover their God given gifts, talents, and abilities to live-out their divine assignment. We provide resources to educate, equip and encourage women to study God’s word to become salt and light to a world that desperately needs God’s grace.

Our Vision

Our company is dedicated to positioning women to live a fulfilling life with the right mindset. We provide women with life skills for success through our online courses and resources.  Our services equip women to become more productive with Godly principles. We believe women are birthed to be change agents in our society to inspire one another with destiny and purpose.

Our Why

Our company is committed to helping women remove fear and become entirely aware of God’s promises for their lives. As Christian women, it might be tough to recognize our unique role in God’s plan. Oftentimes, women get bombard with demanding schedules and expectations from the world, Nevertheless, the key is that we need to let God in and learn to discern the voice of the Lord. Finding and carrying out your life’s calling is tremendously empowering, although everyday concerns can take our focus away from the task at hand. We believe the life you live is the legacy you leave!

We love empowering women to be intentional and honest in their faith walk.

Beverly is confident that she is obedient to what God has asked of her: to encourage others to “Live Wise and Well in Christ” by Abiding in His Word. Our company is called to inspire, impact, and enhance the lives of others. The teachings and seminars of Abide will provide MORE Christian Women to become leaders in the 21st Century.