Looking Up & Embracing Our Best Self

Join other women and me as we embrace one another on our spiritual journey. We know it requires us to have faith, not fear, to believe God has a plan for our lives. Say YES to wanting the AMAZING/ABUNDANT Life He has planned for us.

Come share with women who are taking God’s plans seriously and want to help you do the same. If you are currently experiencing…lack of confidence, fear, doubt, anxiety, overwhelmed with work or family issues, stressed out, feeling empty, or perhaps you’re just looking to connect with positive women who are making a difference—this event is for you.

Are you looking to take your life to the next level?  The secret to living and enjoying a meaningful, purposeful, and rewarding life on this earth is abiding by God and His Word.

Do want to live life more abundantly? Join us at the 2023 Amazing Faith Women’s Retreat in Glen Allen, Virginia, for this 3-day, 2-night life-changing, empowering event. God has a plan for your life, and you will move confidently toward realizing that plan when you abide in His word.


~Be Fruitful, Be Faithful & Be Fabulous~

Give yourself permission to shine and be all God called you to be! Join us as we inspire and encourage one another to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace the true spirituality that heals. We have some dynamic speakers excited to share their wisdom with you. Our topics are love, health, and wealth because we feel these cover a multitude of what women seek and thrive on.


Embrace how God designed you:

  • God lovingly crafted your physical body.
  • God gave you a one-of-a-kind personality.
  • God chose your passions because He saw fit.

As a Christian, God has a specific calling for you that will affect every aspect of your life. You may or may not know what your purpose is; however, after this retreat—God will open your heart and renew your mind with new vision and creativity.

We hope you take comfort in the knowledge that you are not walking this road alone. If you’re a woman going through anything, know that other women will be here for you. With this, we can work together to find answers. It’s what keeps us moving forward toward this incredible community of kingdom living.

Come expecting to walk together with like-minded women on a mission to succeed. As Christian women, it might be challenging to understand our unique role in God’s plan. With so many people & projects vying for our attention, it’s imperative that we yield to the right voice. Finding and living out your life’s calling can be challenging; however, with the right support and learning to discern the voice of the Lord, it’s possible. When we remain focused on our God-given assignments and surround ourselves with people who have our best interests at heart, our lives begin thriving and begin to come alive; we begin to spread our love like never before.

So come abide with me in 2023 as we pursue God’s plans and purpose for our lives.

Assume God has called you to do something specific; He will be reliable in providing everything you need to make headway toward that goal. As women walking in the word, we enjoy following God’s direction and His purposes for our lives, and I want no less for you!  The more you stay in the presence of God and pray, the more your days will have purpose, meaning, fulfillment, hope, and vitality rather than being empty and meaningless.

Join Us! You will enjoy yourself and feel all the love, health, and wealth that we can offer you!



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